How are your arrows made?

My arrows are a collaboration between animals, nature, and me.  I use driftwood that beavers have eaten the bark off of and have attempted to use in a beaver dam, but nature took it's course and the stick ended up as driftwood downriver.  I've foraged for the driftwood and modified it by attaching a hand-knapped arrowhead and a collected turkey feather using a strong 100% cotton Japanese thread that I waxed with beeswax.  To read more about the materials I use, check out this page.

HOW should i hang my arrow(s)?

I prefer a simple wall-mounting versus picture-frame style hanging. To hang horizontally, two nails under the body, and one above will suffice. If you’d like to hang the arrow vertically, two nails under the arrowhead will work well.


Occasionally, the feathers will get ruffled during transit. To fix this, simply rub the feather rhrough your fingers several times to straighten them out. If this doesn’t work, the feathers should go right back into place if held over a gentle steam for a few seconds.

Where are your quills and antlers from?

The antlers I use are natural deer sheds from the Wyoming / Utah / Colorado area.  Deer naturally shed their antlers in the spring as they grow new, larger ones. The porcupine quills I use are from South Africa - from a small farming community who collects the naturally-shed quills for me.  To read more about the materials I use, check out this page.

When can i expect to receive my order?

I ship within 1-5 business days and package each item as thoroughly as possible.  All orders are shipped either USPS or FedEX Ground with tracking (closest to estimated shipping cost). If you need expedited shipping or prefer a different shipping method, please contact me.

How do you handle refunds & exchanges?

I truly hope you are pleased with the item(s) you received. All of my products are individually handmade by me, one at a time and every piece is unique. If you're unsatisfied with the product you purchased, please contact me immediately and I would be happy to discuss replacement or refund options on a case by case basis.

If you received an item that has been damaged beyond simple repair or if your item was lost in transit, I will gladly replace it (as similar as possible) for you with proof of damage.

do you wholesale?

Yes! Let's talk about it!  Send me an email or give me a phone call.


Birdie Ott is a combination of family names. Ott comes from my maternal side, and Birdie comes from my husband's paternal side. I toyed around with a few different brand names and felt like Birdie Ott has a great overall feel of what I'm making - bordering just a little bit on the creepy side.