Murphy Munday.  Photo by  Josh Goleman .

Murphy Munday.  Photo by Josh Goleman.

B I R D I E   O T T  is a nature-inspired home décor brand established in 2014 by Murphy Munday based in Brooklyn, NY.

"From as early as I can remember, I have always found inspiration in nature.  Collecting pockets and backpacks full of nature treats along the way while hiking, camping, or kayaking outdoors, I’ve ended up with quite a collection of sticks, nests, and rocks from around the world. 

While on a hike along the Delaware River in 2014, I came across several uniquely textured sticks and later learned that they had been de-barked by beavers for nutrition.  I became obsessed and couldn’t collect enough.  A couple months later, the idea hit me to create well-crafted arrows out of these beautiful beaver sticks.  My line of decorative goods has since expanded to include decorated natural antler sheds and African porcupine quills, with more items on the way.

Using self-foraged materials as much as possible, I love to create these wildlife sculptures, each with a distinct design element.  Every piece is bound and decorated with 100% cotton Japanese thread waxed with beeswax and features a small "MM" burned signature. 

My hope is that my craft will bring a peaceful, natural element to your life."

-Murphy Munday


Download a press PDF here.