Created Here - Brooklyn

The lovely Samantha Katz included me in her wonderful new venture Created Here, whose purpose is to feature a hand-selected small group of makers from different cities around the USA.  A great tool to find local artists of all kinds and to keep a finger on the pulse of art and culture nearby.

"Murphy Munday possesses an undeniable whimsy, mirrored in everything she does - From her effortless personal style, to the furnishing arranged in her charming Prospect Heights apartment, to the wildlife-inspired sculptures she creates for Birdie Ott. These well-crafted pieces range from wall mounted arrow decor to animal bone home accents. When she is not managing her husband, Josh Goleman's, photography business, she is in her studio making and marketing Birdie Ott. All products are available through her Etsy page. Let them bring a peaceful, natural, element to your life."  - Samantha Katz, Created Here

Read a bit more here.

Murphy Munday, photo by Caroline Petters.